The world's finest guitar slides, hand crafted from solid tungsten carbide.
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The Wolfram Martin Simpson Signature Slide is engineered without compromise, to deliver unsurpassed tone, volume, sustain and feel.

Tone - our Martin Simpson Signature Slide sounds beautiful. With a rock-solid fundamental, great clarity and rich overtones, undesired buzzes and 'pings' are completely absent. Bass response from the wound strings is astounding, and sustain, volume and dynamics are unsurpassed. The extreme mass, hardness and mirror finish mean the slide saps virtually no energy from the strings through friction or vibration; it is retained in the string where your guitar can convert all that energy into tone. Many of our customers tell us that their guitar sounds like a whole new and better instrument.

"I actually reel whenever I get mine out because the quality of workmanship is bonkers! It's utterly flawless and utterly peerless in terms of quality."
Martin Simpson

Design - with its straight outer and tapered inner walls, the CAD-designed Wolfram Martin Simpson Signature Slide is thicker and heavier at one end. This balances the slide, throwing the mass towards the fingertip for a great fit and feel, and more precise control. The precisely radiused cylinder ends combine function and aesthetics. As well as enhancing the beauty and feel of the slide, they make sensitive interaction with the strings possible for techniques such as hammer-ons and pull-offs.


Material - our slides are crafted from an advanced high-density nickel tungsten carbide metal matrix composite, weighing nearly 30% more than lead and about twice as much as steel. This enables us to pack extreme mass, with all its tonal advantages, into a compact, comfortable and agile slide. Weighing over 190 grams, this is one of the heaviest guitar slides in the world. It is also one of the most comfortable.

Nickel tungsten carbide is so dense that a deviation of just one quarter of a millimeter could change the weight by over 10 grams. To accurately realise our balanced design and maintain consistency, we manufacture our slides to a minute tolerance of five hundredths of a millimeter.


Finish - our slides are lovingly polished by hand to a perfect mirror finish with diamond paste. The flawless finish enables the slide to glide effortlessly over the strings - particularly the wound strings - with virtually no friction or string noise. Nickel tungsten carbide is extremely hard - comparable to sapphire and almost as hard as diamond. It will not mark or scratch with normal use. Looked after, a Wolfram slide will retain its beautiful finish and look as good as new for many, many years.

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No other slide in the world receives the level of care and attention during construction of a Wolfram slide. We are fanatical about quality: every slide that leaves our factory is perfect.



Slide model:Wolfram Martin Simpson Signature Slide (2013)
Slide material:Nickel tungsten carbide metal matrix composite
Overall length:63mm**
Outer diameter:25mm**
Inner diameter:Tapered 22mm - 17mm**
Wall end radius:custom, precision compound radius
Mass:> 190 grams
Accessories: Exclusive 16-page illustrated technique / information booklet
(co-written by Martin Simpson and David Browne)
Velvet storage pouch
British-made Selvyt™ microfibre cloth
Individually signed certificate of authenticity

** These dimensions are approximate, ±1mm, for your information and comparison purposes. Our slides are manufactured to a tolerance of ±0.05mm: blueprint specifications are provided with our slides.

The Wolfram Martin Simpson Signature Slide is backed by our 14 day no-questions money back guarantee.


"...makes it easy to evoke a smooth, sustaining tone...
...Astonishingly good."

"...five minutes with it left my flabber completely and comprehensively ghasted."

"Not just a new take on an old theme but a complete reinvention of the humble bottleneck slide!"


The Martin Simpson Signature Slide is available exclusively through this website.

Martin Simpson Signature guitar slide : £250 + shipping

Available now!

Martin Simpson chooses Wolfram Slides

Martin Simpson is widely acknowledged as one of the finest acoustic and slide players in the world. Along with his superb technique and the subtlety and depth of his playing, his slide is a key part of the astonishing tone he achieves. Martin has used a custom-made tungsten carbide slide for many years. We took this slide as our starting point, and made it our mission to improve and fine-tune every aspect of it: the tungsten carbide composition, the dimensions and gradient of taper, the radiusing and the quality of finish. Our aim was simple: to create the ultimate guitar slide.

When we showed Martin our very first production prototype in January 2013, he declared it the finest slide he had encountered and endorsed our product - he now uses his Wolfram slide exclusively.

We have worked together to bring the Wolfram Martin Simpson Signature Slides to market in limited numbers, so that it can be enjoyed by serious slide guitarists around the world.

"These are literally the finest slides available, anywhere... If you're a slide player, this could change your life."
Martin Simpson




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